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This page is all about the world of Art & Design and the people who influence it.

Natalie Shau has a very dark sort of artistic feel (as shown to the right). She creates a vast array of deeply colored prints, usually with women depicted in a romantic, goth way, sometimes a bit provocative.

For more on Natalie Shau, visit her website at: Rainbow origami art! Pin-up girl art :3

A great site for art fanatics is It is a photoshop site where you can edit photos and see edited photos others have made and even enter into photo editing contests. There are also writing contests and other features I haven't quite looked into.
Kardamonium is a blog full of beautifully girlish work that looks a bit like "Lostfish". They are very delicate looking pieces, usually with a girl as the focal point.

Lostfish is another set of artwork that I find very girlishly amusing. This French art portrays seductive visions of innocent girls in blush and tiny dresses. You can find more of Lostfish at and
Two of my favorite musicians happen to also be great at art. The first being Emilie Autumn, I find her illustrations of leeches and rats to be viciously fabulous. Unfortunately, they can only be found in her book, "The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls"; however, I did find some astonishing portraits of Emilie done by maria-chan - who's also very artistically talented - on deviant art. (
The second of my two favorite musicians that happen to also be amazing artists is Marilyn Manson!
Dita by Manson

Les fleurs du mal by Manson
More of his work can be found on his website ( ). A Beautiful Mess's photography is to die for! <3

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