Lots of cool Fashion directories!!

I just now (as of 1:23pm on july 11th, 2012) found the most adorable dress boutique online called Lily boutique! I'd say it's very vintage yet modern. The styles and colors are fantastic. Just see for yourself at: <3 cool junk

Cool Xaxor Fashion!! ^_^ acid paterns! all black/sleek formal wear

Vintage & Victorians, Lolitas & Lollipops, Preps & Pumps, Goths & Goggles, Emo & Emus!!

We all have our own thing. What's yours?

Cool Gothic Necklaces:

Vintage Necklaces:

Steam punk Necklaces:

Emo Necklaces:


Trippy Necklaces:

Fairy~like Necklaces:

Not Categorized Necklaces:

Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"

      I simply adore this necklace <3

^ Magnificent & Elegant ^

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