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3/4 of the population suffer from a mental disorder. What's yours? Do you take a prescription medicine for it?

This page is dedicated to your suffering and how to lessen and destroy the pains you go through in life. ^_^

2-3 cups of daily coffee is proven to reduce the risk of obtaining and suffering from depression. Personally, I take mine strong with 2 sweet n' low and about an inch of coffee mate creamer! Here are some more delicious recipes for the more creative minds:

( Coffee recipes
( Homemade Coffee Syrup Recipes
( Raspberry Coffee
( Chocolate Coffee
 ( cheap coffee creations!!

Try growing your own coffee bean plant with these directions!! ( :)

If given the option of beer or weed: I'd pick weed (that's suggesting both were illegal at the moment though). It chills you out. It gives you a good attitude. It makes you feel everything. The only problem I've seen is short term memory loss for a moment, slowed reactions, and can become addictive *just as anything can*. **time to look good**

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