I've found that comics are a great way to find joy in life when suffering from depression.  Hyperbole & a Half is a great comic site that describes how horrible yet hilarious depressive behavior can be. This is my favorite comic because it explains exactly how I react when I'm sad and shows how ridiculous it looks from the outside. My other depressive friends found this very helpful. I hope you do too. :) Writhe and Shine is a lovely comic about Gothic people in New Orleans. The main character is DJ Writhe who is
finding it tough to live in New Orleans because he doesn't know what to do to make it big. Cheer up, Emo kid is a mockery of the stereotypoed "emo" culture and emotional people.  In my opinion, this is a cute comic to use to laugh at ourselves for our more emotional states that seem so ridiculous sometimes. :) Not sure what this is but it's pretty cute and dorky. lol :)

 This seems cool enough. I like the way the girl looks. :)

Depressed Cat seems cool enough but you have to buy it. If you find ironically depressing cats fun, then go to this website ( and buy a copy. It's pretty cheap and looks like something a depressed person could easily relate to. :3

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